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Certification and Education Programs


Staff Development and Education

Our team members are educated to support the three key principles of assisted living:  Offer choice, maintain dignity and promote individuality.  In each senior living community, we offer residents choices in the services they receive by incorporating them and their family members in the process.  Maintaining someone’s dignity is simple;  Show respect, protect their privacy, and encourage independence.  While resident’s have similar needs, each resident has his or her own likes and dislikes, routines, and lifestyles.  Even when seniors live with others in a senior living community, they are individuals.

Established in 2000 as a senior care management company, Welcome Home Management Company today manages senior living communities in 3 states, offering Assisted Living, Independent Living , Care Suites and Memory Care communities.  Providing everything for state licensure to team education to policies and procedures to marketing facilities and programs, Welcome Home Management Company provides the full spectrum of service for each of the locations that it manages. 

Welcome Home Health Care is the state licensed assisted living home care provider in all of its locations with well-educated, professional staff to care for our residents.  Each staff member must attend an extensive education program with our Registered Nurse prior to working with our residents and their family members. 

Staff development and education are essential to retaining great people.  We believe that if you give people the tools and the knowledge they need to do their job, they will provide outstanding care to our residents.

Along with the Senior Living University, Welcome Home Management has an extensive education program.  There are several programs that are listed below that are available to current and new staff. 

The following is a listing of all the education programs currently offered to current and new staff:

New staff orientation (WHMC & Senior Living University)

This program was designed by several of the RNs and Management staff with the new staff member in mind.  All current and new employees must participate in this extensive program prior to working with our residents.  By including key members of our staff in the development of this program, we were able to ensure consistent education throughout the company.  This program is updated and reviewed every other year or as necessary. 

At the end of this program, care providers must pass a skills test and a knowledge test.  Estimated course completion time: 30 hours. 

Director of Resident Service Certification Program (WHMC & Senior Living University)

Industry experts say that the current and future success of assisted living is dependent on the knowledge, skill, and expertise of the Director of Resident Services.  As the Director of Resident Services, they must balance the homelike residential culture with a healthcare responsive system.  Whether new to their position or experienced, this program covers a wide range of topics that will help the Director of Resident Services build new knowledge about operating a residence.  They can use this knowledge to develop their skills and expertise.

A successful operation is dependent on the Director of Resident Services ability to manage and lead his or her employees and model the principles of assisted living.  The knowledge that they will gain from this program will help them manage and lead their management teams and front-line staff.

An increasing number of new and experienced Director of Resident Services are engaging in the process of professional certification.  Certification and credentialing demonstrate that the Director of Resident Services is a dedicated professional. 

At the end of this program, Directors must pass a final knowledge test written by the Senior Living University.  Estimated course completion time: 160 hours.

Dementia Care for Assisted Living (WHMC, Senior Living University, and the Alzheimer's Association)

It is the mission of Welcome Home Management Company, and our Memory Care communities to provide adequate education for the staff that work with our residents.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, the number of Minnesotans with Alzheimer's and related diseases is approaching 100,000. Well over half, and often more than 75 percent, of the residents in nursing facilities have a dementia diagnosis. Nationally, the Alzheimer's Association has focused on education and many other states have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, dementia education requirements.

We can improve the quality of dementia care and the know-how of workers in the field using Minnesota’s dementia education law as a framework for action. The law, now known as Chapter 37, Laws of Minnesota, 2003, went into effect on August 1, 2003. We consider this an important part of providing quality care for our residents. A highly trained staff assures families and residents that they are being well cared for.

All staff in our memory care communities, including members of Welcome Home Management have been trained using the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care for Assisted Living education program developed by Senior Living University.  Several other members of our organization have taken either full or portions of this program depending on their level of contact.  In each of the other programs, we have developed a scaled down version of this program to help them understand those residents in the first stages of the residents dementia.

Ongoing staff education is also a part of our education program. All of our communities have ongoing in-services that promote awareness and techniques for staff working with residents with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias.

The RN in Senior Living (WHMC & Senior Living University)


This program is an invaluable resource for all assisted living Nurses.  It helps Nurses to become effective leaders in their workplace.


For new graduates entering the workforce, this program provides an overview of the assisted living industry.  This program also prepares experienced Nurses who come to assisted living from other healthcare arenas for the unique challenges of resident care.


As an assisted living Nurse, one of the key roles is to train and develop the front-line care staff.  This program provides Nurses with ideas, strategies, and tools for ensuring that your Caregiving staff provide quality of and uphold the principles of assisted living.


Participants in this program must pass a certification exam by Senior Living University upon completion.

Dining Services Certification Program (WHMC & Senior Living University)

Dining and Food service is an important area of care that is provided for our residents.  However, it is more than the presentation of food and the dining facility.  It is about the nutritional value of the meals we prepare for our residents.  This education program offered by Senior Living University through Welcome Home Management Company.  The program focuses on the goals of dining and food service.  They include the physical, social and emotional ways that mealtime interacts with the resident.  Another important goal discussed is to use the three key principles of assisted living in food and dining services.  This program is offered to new dining facility staff as well as on an ongoing/in-service basis.  Estimated course completion time: 10 hours.  Ongoing education is completed with Hawkeye Food Services on a bi-yearly basis.

Activity Director Certification and Workshops (WHMC & Senior Living University)

The life of a resident in an assisted living community is greatly improved when they participate in activities that they enjoy.  It is the job of the assisted living Activity Director to prepare and organize a program of activities and social events that promote the involvement and enthusiasm of the resident.

This program is also designed with an element of workshops where all Activity Directors have the opportunity to share ideas and best practices with each other.

This program presents information to assist the Activity Director in his or her daily activities.

Lead Care Manager Ongoing Workshops

Ongoing education is imperative in all positions to ensure quality service is provided to the resident.  In our program, the Day Shift Leader has an important role in the delivery of services to the resident of each community.  This ongoing program is designed as a workshop giving each Day Shift Leader from other communities an opportunity to share ideas and best practices to each other.  This program will have other categories such as: Supervising Front-line Staff, Housekeeping, Communication in the Workplace, Customer Service, etc.

In-service programs

Ongoing education is one of the biggest areas of our programs.  Throughout the year, all care provider staff must undergo at the minimum of 8 hours of education a year as required by state and federal regulations.  Our program is designed for our staff members to complete ongoing education throughout the year. 

Every fiscal quarter, the Director of Resident Services and the Director of Health Services attend meetings at our Hutchinson office in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  Each of these sessions are designed to be an educational as well as a time for discussion on topics that are important to our residents.

Whether it is a presentation given by management staff, special guests, to attending conferences on senior living or memory care specific education, we strive to provide the highest amount of education for our staff.


Yearly Conferences

Two times per year, Welcome Home Health Care hosts its own educational conferences, one in the winter and one in the summer.

Our Winter Conference is a three-day educational series that is directed towards the Directors of Resident Services and our Director of Health Services.  This program is designed to continually grow so that in years to come, other departments will be offered programming as well.

Like our winter conference, our Summer Workshop will offer many sessions and speakers to learn from.  What’s different during the summer workshop?  As the title suggests, this program will be centered on not just learning from invited speakers, but from each other as well.  For this program to be successful, many speakers and sessions are focused on participation.